Jess and Jon’s Vintage Wedding

Jess and Jon are one of the cutest happiest couples I know. They are always joking and laughing which is how I am and we just clicked. I was so excited to photograph their small wedding at the Mill because its so beautiful! Jess did an amazing job with all the decorations that she made herself! I never thought grey and yellow could go together as well as they did and she picked cute fall items and unique vintage things that just went so well together. I loved photographing it! Congrats to Jess and Jon!

IMG_4649 IMG_4798 IMG_4791 IMG_4787         IMG_4784 IMG_4770 IMG_4755 IMG_4746 IMG_4743 IMG_6050         IMG_4740 IMG_4731 IMG_4727 IMG_4697 IMG_4668        IMG_5522

IMG_5289 IMG_5395 IMG_5354        IMG_5362 IMG_5402 IMG_5449        IMG_5472 IMG_5319 IMG_5317 IMG_5945 IMG_5523         IMG_5532 IMG_5544         IMG_5565 IMG_5609

IMG_5614        IMG_5615 IMG_5601 IMG_5570         IMG_5589 IMG_5626         IMG_5635 IMG_5986         IMG_5974 IMG_6000 IMG_6035 IMG_6017


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