AnaClarissa & Shaun’s Wedding

AnaClarissa and Shaun are one of the sweetest and cutest couples I know. They are the type of people you just feel comfortable around even as soon as you meet them. Their beautiful garden themed wedding took place on May 2nd at Bristow Manor and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I loved capturing their moments of love, laughter, tears, humor, and excitement! AnaClarissa was also expecting a baby boy Harrison so they wanted to wed before he was due and it couldn’t have been better timing! He wasn’t due until June but he decided to come a little early when she started having contractions on their wedding night (wedding was already over, phew!)! He wasn’t born until Sunday but what an exciting weekend it was for them! It was such an honor to photograph their wedding and be part of their lives starting together as both a couple and as a family!

IMG_4363 IMG_4372 IMG_4385 IMG_4404 IMG_4406 IMG_4412 IMG_4427 IMG_4455      IMG_4477 IMG_4486 IMG_4487 IMG_4510 IMG_4529 IMG_4555 IMG_4517 IMG_4564 IMG_4578 IMG_4593       IMG_4630 IMG_4606       IMG_4623 IMG_4609 IMG_4640       IMG_4646 IMG_4714 IMG_4727 IMG_4747

IMG_4764 IMG_4780 IMG_4802       IMG_4831 IMG_4796 IMG_4840       IMG_4852 IMG_4866       IMG_4878 IMG_4890 IMG_4895 IMG_4901       IMG_4916 IMG_4908


IMG_4937 IMG_4952 IMG_5071       IMG_5089 IMG_5125 IMG_6141       IMG_6154 IMG_5151       IMG_5163 IMG_5172 IMG_6058

IMG_5208 IMG_5210 IMG_5233 IMG_5259       IMG_5321 IMG_5346 IMG_5355


IMG_5446 IMG_5460 copybw       IMG_5471 IMG_5526 IMG_5535 IMG_5885       IMG_5949 IMG_5600 IMG_5624 IMG_5644 IMG_5741 IMG_5903 IMG_5910 IMG_5958 IMG_6031 IMG_5878

IMG_6049 IMG_6249 IMG_6268

IMG_6524 IMG_6313 IMG_6319

IMG_5797 IMG_6415



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