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The weather was perfect, the decorations were beautiful and the bride was stunning. It was the day that Ashika and Frank would say “I do. ” At the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, surrounded by their closest family and friends, Ashika and Frank tied the knot in a gorgeous Indian outdoor ceremony. I have been looking forward to this wedding for months and it truly was one of the most beautiful events I have ever captured.

There were so many moments I loved about this wedding… from the first look with not only just the groom but her parents as well, to the ceremony and beyond.  It was such an honor to be a part of this special day and I wish them all the happiness for years to come!

How the day went…..The wedding started off down at the barn where Frank got on the horse to ride up to the ceremony. Both of their families and the band gathered around him and celebrated all the way up the hill. It was awesome!! Once at the top, he was greeted by Ashika’s parents and then they walked up to the stage to proceed with the ceremony. I have to say, this ceremony was my favorite out of all. I loved all the different parts of it and how it includes her parents. The priest was hilarious and was cracking jokes here and there making us all laugh! They also had someone explain the whole process to us since it wasn’t in English and for those who have never been to an Indian wedding before. After about 45 minutes, it was time for Ashika to come to the stage and they finished the ceremony together uniting them as one. So so beautiful. The afternoon/evening went on with speeches, eating, drinking and dancing. The band she hired was awesome called Red Baraat! They were an Indian New Orleans infused jazz band and the energy they had made everyone have a blast! The night went on and on and the fun never stopped!

Congratulations Ashika and Frank!

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I love that her stepmom and dad were all there for their first look! Look how excited she is!! img_5265 img_5354 img_5372 img_6524b_5183 img_5380a_5119 img_5391c_5193 img_5402 img_5410 img_5415a_4769 img_5456 img_5511 img_5557 img_5632 img_5638 img_5650 img_6032b_4882 img_6076 img_6152a_4939 img_6152f_4957 img_6193 img_6296 img_6351j_5026 img_6370

I love how they walk down the aisle and everyone including the band follows down to the cocktail area! How fun!!! img_6420 img_6450 img_6484 img_6576 img_6585 img_6600 img_6610 img_6721 img_6765 img_6791 img_6815

These two are so in love and adorable together!!! img_6859 img_6893 img_6917 img_6971 img_7034 img_7054 img_7094 img_7138

The henna artwork on Ashika’s hands are so beautiful!! I had my belly done the year before right before I gave birth to my daughter. It was such a blessing! img_7170 img_7184 img_7233

So heartwarming that although Ashika and Frank’s mothers weren’t there in person to see their marriage, they still had a place for them as if they were. img_7383 img_7562 img_7696 img_7713

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