A Backyard Wedding in Vienna, VA – Debbie and Rob

Somehow my old post got deleted so I am reposting this!

Fall is such a pretty season to get married in. The leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler. Although it had dumped rain the day before and the grass was super damp, it ended up being a perfect day for a wedding! Rob & Debbie’s theme was rustic country with wine barrels and fall colored flowers and it took place in their beautiful backyard in Vienna.

Its not only a blessing when two people find their other half, but when two people who already have kids who couldn’t be more excited to have new brothers and sisters to love. That’s what I saw when Rob & Debbie, united their families into one, each with 3 kids (both with 2 girls and 1 boy)! They all couldn’t be happier to be one big family and embark on their new adventures together! This couple was totally made for each other and you could see their happiness even through all their family and friends. Congratulations to Rob & Debbie and all their kids!


Their first look! IMG_0795 IMG_0847 IMG_0864 IMG_0877 IMG_9516 IMG_0891 IMG_9512 IMG_0896 IMG_0899 IMG_0906 IMG_0922 IMG_0946nohouse

I love this fall decor! IMG_0767 IMG_1028 IMG_1349 IMG_0743 IMG_0730 IMG_0755 IMG_1422 IMG_1358 IMG_1606 IMG_1793 IMG_1894 IMG_9619 IMG_9630

Is this not the cutest with them all wearing cowboy boots?! IMG_1118

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