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Brooke and Dan tied the knot last month at Clydes Willow Creek Farm which is one of my favorite places to photograph! The day was overflowing not with rain but with sunshine, smiles, and a whole lot of loving. The weather was perfect although the ground was still a little wet from rain we previously had so their ceremony spot had to be moved but it was still beautiful. The best part of the wedding was when Brooke surprised Dan with a motorcycle! It was awesome and a great moment as a photographer that I will never forget capturing (more about it below)!

Brooke and Dan had met on She was at the end of her 6 month membership and was ready for a break from the blind dates and emailing with strangers. Dan hadn’t actually been on any dates. She was his first and last blind date! They emailed for a few weeks and had their first date in October 2011. They had two successful dates and the rest is history!

These two are totally in love and are meant for each other. I loved getting to know this awesome and fun couple and I’m so glad to have been a part of their big day.  Congratulations to Brooke and Dan!



I love the happiness and smiles they have at their first look. They are so cute!
2015-10-22_0004 2015-10-22_0005 2015-10-22_0006

Dan just thinks we are coming here for other photos before their ceremony and I start telling them to go up towards the barn so I can get photos there (which is where his motorcyle is inside!).
2015-10-22_0007 2015-10-22_0008

Then I get them up to the barn and say that they should do their gift exchange there. He totally had no clue!  It was so funny because as he was opening the gift he says “are these keys to a motorcycle?” but you could totally tell in his voice he was joking and then she opening the door as he pulled out the keys and he was so surprised!! He said he was so excited that he could cry!! Brooke definitely won new wife of the year by surprising him with a new motorcycle at their wedding! It was perfect and definitely a great memory they will cherish forever along with their wedding!

Here’s the story behind how and why she did it which totally makes sense about why he joked about the keys!

Every time Dan would see a nice car on TV or we would drive past one, he would say you should buy me that Maserati and I would laugh and say yeah right. Then one time he said it and I was feeling bold and responded with you should buy me an engagement ring and I’ll buy u whatever you want. It was always a joke. Then a year or two ago he locked in on the Indian scout and had been doing research on it. So we kept the joke running specifically on the Indian and the diamond ring. A few weeks after he proposed he said so when do I get my motorcycle and I laughed it off, told him he was crazy & that there was no way I could buy a bike. We had to pay for a wedding!

2015 was the first year for the Indian scout being made again. No dealership anywhere had the bike in their shops. I put a deposit down in February and it came in mid July. My brother-in-law helped me get the bike down from Annapolis and a coworker let me stash it in his garage until the big day.

To keep it interesting, dan gave me a heart attack when he signed up for the motorcycle class in April. I was seriously sweating that I would come home from work one day and there would be a motorcycle in the parking space. Luckily saving up for the wedding kept him just broke enough to not buy a bike on his own! It worked out perfectly!

So first, I told her to open her gift. I love the excitement over the earrings that she wanted that he got her (but she’s probably even more excited to show him the bike)!

2015-10-22_0009 2015-10-22_0010 2015-10-22_0011 2015-10-22_0012
2015-10-22_0014 2015-10-22_0013 2015-10-22_0015 2015-10-22_0016 2015-10-22_0017 2015-10-22_0018 2015-10-22_0019 2015-10-22_0020 2015-10-22_0021 2015-10-22_0022 2015-10-22_0023 2015-10-22_0024 2015-10-22_0025 2015-10-22_0026 2015-10-22_0027 2015-10-22_0028

Ok so the photo with her 95 year old grandfather makes me want to cry but the photo with her grandmother below makes me want to ball! You can see in her grandmas eyes that she is about to cry for the happiness she has for her granddaughter and how beautiful she thinks she is. I love moments like this and what a wonderful blessing that they both were their to see her get married. Just fyi, her grandparents were not married to each other.
2015-10-22_0029 2015-10-22_0030 2015-10-22_0031 2015-10-22_0032 2015-10-22_0033 2015-10-22_0035 2015-10-22_0034 2015-10-22_0036

Thanks to the team who made their wedding beautiful!

Venue – Clydes Willow Creek Farm
Flowers – Lavender Fields
Makeup – Faces by Alicia
Music – Karla Googins
Gown and Halo – BHLDN
Hair – Angela Zagorites

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