One Year Anniversary 1940’s style

When Amanda contacted about taking photos at a Carnival for their 1 Year Anniversary,  I was excited because it was something different then I’ve ever done. We met at the Prince William fair which was HUGE and PACKED!!!! I thought it was going to be hard with all the people there but we actually managed pretty well working around them! It was a perfect fair to do a Carnival themed photo shoot because of all the different things it offered! This was one of my favorites!

IMG_2482 IMG_2512_1 IMG_2524_1 IMG_2556 IMG_2631 IMG_2680 IMG_2713_1

IMG_2719 IMG_2798_1 IMG_2739_1 IMG_2784_1         IMG_2786_1 IMG_2868_1 IMG_2846_1        IMG_2878_1

IMG_2924 IMG_2944_1

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