Holiday Mini Sessions

I had a blast photographing all the beautiful families! It was freezing cold out and these kids did great!

IMG_5385 IMG_5438newsnow IMG_5617 IMG_5634 IMG_7907 IMG_8048_1 IMG_8094_1 IMG_8124 IMG_8137_1 IMG_3214 IMG_3241 IMG_3266 copy_1 IMG_3434copy IMG_3441_1 IMG_3466_1_1 IMG_3524_1 IMG_3882 IMG_3954 IMG_4052 IMG_4226 IMG_4228 IMG_4236 IMG_5768 IMG_5797 copy_1 IMG_5893_1 IMG_5896_1 IMG_6012_1 IMG_6961_1 IMG_7039_1 IMG_7254_2 IMG_7305copy_1 IMG_7346_1 IMG_7488_1 IMG_7615_1 IMG_7710_1 IMG_8275_1 IMG_8316_1 IMG_8382_1 IMG_9594_1 IMG_9635_1 IMG_9655_1 IMG_9691_1

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