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This was my first time going to Maryland to photograph a wedding and it was well worth the long drive. Harwood Hills Farm is a beautiful historic tobacco farm that is over a hundred acres. You can’t beat the view of the glowing hills of golden soybeans and the several rustic barns on the property. Its a beautiful farm for a wedding with lots of different parts to it so your never crowded and have your space so it makes it peaceful and relaxing too. They married on October 17th and the day was brisk and windy but beautiful. Their ceremony took place down the hill in a little romantic spot surrounded by trees that thankfully blocked the wind and kept everyone cozy. They had a bonfire with yummy smores to keep guests warm and tummies full. It all was the perfect setting to go with their outdoor rustic theme since they both love to camp.

Now about Jess and John! Their is nothing that isn’t cute about this couple! They first met in 2008 when she¬†started working at a local pizza place where he happened to work. They became fast friends but after a year or so and both of them being in other relationships, lost touch for about 2 years. Fast forward to May 2011 when they started chatting with each other and soon set a date to grab a bite and catch up. After a few dates their friendship flourished into love. Although they lived a bit apart from each other which was hard in the beginning, they promised to see each other when they could and after some time, their lives grew together and now they live and work together!

Jess & John are just made for each other and I was so happy to be able to photograph their special day!

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The sun was in and out and right before it went down, it had been cloudy and then all of a sudden came out for us to run up the hill and do some sunset shots! IMG_9911 IMG_9912_1


Thanks to these vendors for making their day beautiful!

Harwood Hills Farm – Venue
Bayside Bull – Food
ABC Party Rentals – Tables, Tents and Chairs
Entertainment With Class DJ’s and Photo Booths – DJ/Photo booth
Swan Cove Day Spa – Make Up
Peace of Cake – Cake


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