The Funny Farm

I love going out to my sisters farm. It’s peaceful, beautiful and I wish I lived there. I love not only seeing my nieces but the animals as well. They have a Donkey, two horses (photos of them are in a previous post), two cats and two Great Danes. Here’s why I love the funny farm:

Delila: The Young Donkey
Super gentle and loving, just like Eeyore. She stayed right behind me in the field while I took pictures. In fact every time I stepped forward, she would come up behind me and just breath on my back, gently touch it with her nose and stand there. I felt a big bond between us which makes me want to ride her this year. I love her name and yell it every time I drive up the driveway…she’s my fav.


Patches: The Barn Cat
I was photographing a 1 yr old photo shoot and after they left I started packing up. I came out of the barn and was yelling up to my sister at the house who then pointed to the right of me to look. There was Patches who wanted her picture too. I’m not a cat fan but she made me fall in love with her when she did this as well as all the rubbing she does on my legs all the time. Her name fits her well!


Killmousekey: The Other Barn Cat
It’s peaceful and he loves it. Just looking upon the land when he’s not mouse hunting. He doesn’t like when people get close. However, after he saw me for a bit taking pictures with my camera of him and after I took this shot, he turned and looked at me and then came very close to me. Then Maddy (my niece) walked in behind me and scared him! I think he was curious about me and my camera. I’m hoping next time he’ll let me touch him.


Here’s one that I love of niece! I told her to give me her serious face and boy did she give me one!! Love it!


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