Tips for Beautiful Winter Photos | Northern VA Photographer

Now that Snowzilla has buried us and left, time to get out and do some photos! There are plenty of pretty areas in Northern Virginia to do some snowy photos!

There is a special kind of magic that comes with outdoor, winter photo sessions. The snow lightly falling and icicles hanging from the branches create a lovely backdrop for any photos. Here are some tips to make your winter photos or photo sessions go smoothly.

1. Dress warmly. You will be surprised at how often this is overlooked. Since you’ll be standing outside for a long period of time, short sleeves, thin fabrics, and open toe shoes will not be comfortable for very long. Shivering makes it hard to look happy and pose properly. If you want to do photos with less clothing, make sure you have a jacket to put on in between shooting.

2. Moisturize. Use a good moisturizer to protect your skin from chilly winds and from being itchy during your photos.

3. Watch the weather. Warmer days may seem more pleasant but melting snow can change the entire look of your backdrop. If you are looking for light snow flurries, try and keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure that you don’t end up with melting or heavy snow.

4. Be flexible. If the weather isn’t exactly what you had hoped for, see if you can still make the photo session work. If you are however scheduling this session in advance, you may just have to work with the weather on that particular day.

5. Incorporate color. Even though fall and winter have some amazing colors to work with, why not wear a splash of color to really stand out in your photos? For example, vibrant shades of blues and greens look amazing amongst crunchy brown trees and leaves.

6. Plan your day. Taking your photos just after the sun rises or just before it sets will provide you with amazing lighting so try and plan your session around those times. If there is an overcast, its perfect for avoiding the sun glare on the snow!

7. Photograph in action. Capture the smiles, laughs or scared looks on your kids faces as they sled down the hill! Make sure you stay out of the way so you don’t get hit!

Take some hot tea or coffee along to make your photo session even more enjoyable and get ready for some beautiful results!

I ventured out to my backyard to capture my 8mo old Elizabeth since she was the only one with me at the time (my son was with his grandparents). It was her first time being out in the snow and since it was 50 degrees, the temp was perfect to hang outside for a bit without getting cold! The warmer temps are going to stay for a bit so get out there, play and capture those fun moments with your kids, family or friends!


Her first time touching the snow! Such a curious face!

“This stuffs cool, mom!!”
“What’s this called again?”

“Oh yeah, SNOW!!”

That, I’m going to put this thing in my mouth look.

First taste…..and…’s sour?!!


Oh and of course, Tanner came out to play too! Don’t forget to capture your pets having fun!