March 18th, 2018

Tom & Emily's Engagement Shoot at Great Falls Park | Northern VA Wedding Photographer

This session was definitely one of my favorites! It was beautiful, sexy, romantic and so much fun! Thankfully, Emily and Tom found me by luck when I was running a wedding giveaway contest on the last day. Although they came in second, I still gave them an offer of an engagement shoot as a thank you for entering and because they were so close. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple! I’m also so thrilled to be photographing their rustic chic farm wedding in May!
Emily and Tom met junior year in 2010 at Radford after two mutual friends introduced them.  Unsure of when or where they met, they do remember sharing meals and going to sorority/fraternity parties together. Fast forward to this year, Tom decided in January that he would ask Emily to be his wife. On January 4th, while they were in Puerto Rico for his company trip, Tom thought this would be the perfect place to do it (um…totally!). He had originally planned to do it when they went for a walk on the beach but Emily turned it down so he had to come up with another plan. They had a scheduled jet ski ride so he figured this would be the time to do it so they drove out and when they stopped, he popped the question out in the middle of the ocean! How awesome! Thankfully they didn’t drop the ring!
For their engagement shoot, they chose Great Falls Park because they wanted a place that was romantic with forests and water since their wedding is going to be at a barn (Wheatland Farm, Purcellville). Emily ordered her red dress from Lulu’s and I was shocked when I saw how gorgeous it was and how ravishing she looked in it! The red dress really popped beautifully with the greens and browns of the park and it all worked perfectly together! She did an amazing job on her own hair and makeup too (I wish I was that talented)!
After photos in their dressy attire, they slipped into something more casual. Then we hiked down a hill of rocks to get closer to the water which was actually a lot of fun. On the way, we found a tree that was laying across the rocks and we just had to get photos on it and next to it. After that, they went up the side of a cliff and I stayed below and shot photos of them opening the champaign that was fun to capture as the foam poured out and looked like it was snowing on them! It was a great way to celebrate a fun and gorgeous engagement shoot!

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