March 18th, 2018

12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Won't Tell You

Being a wedding photographer is a hard job. There are lots of ups but some downs. Things go wrong but mostly go right. Here are some things that I don’t normally tell my brides either because I forget or I’m embarrassed to admit! Here are 12 things that photographers won’t admit or tell you about your wedding:

1. Please don’t hire a wedding photographer based on budget alone.

I understand that almost every bride is working with a budget. So many couples choose someone to capture their wedding day based on budget alone, and have regretted it ever since! After your wedding is over, all you have are your memories and the photos. Take the time to get to know your photographer, make sure they are a good fit and that you like there style. They will be capturing those precious memories you will have forever! Looking back, I think you’ll be glad you chose someone who’s a great fit for you instead of using a friend or a cheap deal!

2. I get SO nervous before your engagement session + wedding!

You’re not the only ones who get nervous before your session and wedding day! Sometimes, I get even MORE nervous before a wedding than I did at my own wedding day! Mainly because I care SO MUCH about your experience and wedding photos and want everything to be perfect. I realize that not everything goes perfectly according to plan on a wedding day, but I work my hardest to make sure everything goes as best as possible!

3. It upsets me to see Instagram filters on my images or don’t credit me while sharing on social media.

Sometimes, I’ll spend an HOUR on a SINGLE image in order to make sure it’s perfect!! I will color correct your images several times if need be, so they look as beautiful as possible when I deliver them to you! When I see that you’ve put an Instagram filter on one of those images, it makes my stomach drop! As a wedding photographer, I pour so much of myself into every image I deliver. Word of mouth is a photographer’s LIFELINE. It’s how I pay for bills and groceries. When you give me credit for my images on social media, I do a grateful happy dance inside!

4. I want you to do a first look!

I want you to do a first look for YOU. A lot of brides want the first time their groom sees them to be while they’re walking down the aisle, which I completely understand. I wanted that too when I got married, until I realized how beautiful and special the moment could be with just the two of us. There’s NO distractions of an audience when you do a first look. It’s just you, your sweetheart, and me there to capture it all. I’m able to get SO much better photos of your reaction to seeing each other for the first time when you do a first look and I LOVE being able to give those photos to a couple after their wedding day! Here’s more about why I recommend it:

5. I love when you have an unplugged ceremony and tell your guests to put away their phones + iPads. 

This is so so important! Having uncle Bob step out in front of me in the isle to snap a poor quality iPad photo is not only frustrating to myself, but I’m frustrated FOR you! When I miss a moment due to a guest with an iPhone, it breaks my heart for you. You hired me to capture your wedding day beautifully, so why not kindly ask your guests to put away their phones and cameras, so they can enjoy the ceremony and let me document all those beautiful moments!

6. I want your ceremony AND reception to be outdoors. 

Yep. There’s nothing like photographing in natural light. The way it flatters skin tones and gleams across reception details is unmatched by yucky artificial light. Nothing makes me happier than when a couple chooses to have their ceremony and reception outdoors! If having the ceremony outdoors, keep in mind about direct light. It can make the highlights harsher in photos so work with the venue to have your ceremony setup in the shade or a spot that will be shaded at the time of day you get married. Remember, the shade or overcast are my friends!

7. I don’t want you to look at me.

No seriously. During your engagement session and bride and groom portraits, I don’t want you to look at me! Unless I tell you to. The goal is to get you to interact with each other and share some beautiful moments together! I’m just there to capture it all. Of course, I’ll give you some cues and help you out along the way. But for the most part, just try to forget I’m there, and you’ll love your images!

8. The more you trust me, the better your images will be (and yes, your dress will get dirty). 

Fact. My favorite words a couple can say to me, are “we’re up for anything!” Those are the couples who get crazy beautiful images. We try things that seem nuts to them at first, but they trust me anyway, and are blown away with the results! This includes the time of day you get married, and how much time you give me for photos of the two of you. Lighting is EVERYTHING for photos. Yes, your dress will likely get dirty and you might think I’m crazy, but I don’t think you’ll regret it once you see your photos! The more freedom you give me to be creative, the better your wedding photos will be. Truth.

9. I’m not God.

Nope! I hope you already knew this. But I’ll say it again, I’m not God. I don’t control the weather, or the lighting. That’s up to the man upstairs. If it rains, I’ll roll with it! Shooting in the rain is less scary than it seems and we can still get some beautiful photos. But don’t expect me to have a tent and umbrellas for 300 people in my camera bag. That’s just silly.

10. If you see me sitting down for a second, don’t assume I’m lazy!

I love love love my job more than anything, but photographing weddings is exhausting! In between the events of the day, I’ll take a quick breather to check my equipment, change a lens, or grab some water. I’m resetting for a moment so I can keep photographing your beautiful day!

11. I CRAVE your feedback!

After months (sometimes years), of chatting with you about your day, coffee dates, going over timelines, shooting your engagement, spending time with you on your wedding day, pouring into your images for weeks and sending them off, I’m always waiting on pins and needles to hear what you think!! SO much of myself goes into the final delivery of your images and I CANNOT wait to hear what you think! You being overjoyed with your images is just as important to you as it is to me, and my heart is always so full when I get excited texts or calls from my brides!

12. I’ll cry at your wedding.

Every. Time. While I try to avoid crying like a baby while you’re sharing your first look or during an emotional daddy-daughter dance, I’m secretly wiping tears away and hiding my face behind my camera. After getting to know you and your family and sharing in all the preparation for you big day, I can’t help but tear up with happiness when capturing those beautiful moments! Cheers!

XOXO Brittany

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