March 18th, 2018

Family Trip to Greece | Santorini Wedding Photographer – Brittany Drosos

I am finally getting around to blogging during my slower winter months. Better late then never right?! Also, to be honest, I HATE blogging!! Writing is not my specialty but I try my best. Now I want to share with you my family trip to Greece last August. It was AMAZING!! My husband is Greek and we hadn’t been since 2001 so it had been 17 years since I had been there (he went with his friend in 2004). Fear of flying for him set in and he was scared to fly there. I have a fear too but I fight it. We are so mad we missed going all these years and we are now planning to go back every year for about a month. My goal is to start being a wedding photographer in Greece and photograph a few weddings while we are there!

Wedding Photographer in Greece

While I am there this year, I would love to photograph a wedding pretty much anywhere there but mainly Santorini and Corfu since we will be visiting there this year in July and August. Being a destination wedding photographer in Greece will be amazing to shoot in this beautiful country. Shoot me a message if you are getting married in Greece then because I would be honored to photograph it!
The next day after checking in at a new hotel called Blue Sea hotel, we went across the street from it to get breakfast at Mango Beach bar. When we went in there to get breakfast, I realized they were setting up for a huge wedding! So I asked the planner if I could snap some photos which she was fine with and here is what I took! I loved how she set everything up. The groom actually owned a grocery store so how cool to incorporate food into your center pieces!

About our Trip

Now I’ll get started on telling you about my trip! It was planned last minute by my BIL to surprise my FIL who was there. Only 3 people knew we were going so the surprise wouldn’t be ruined. So 2.5 weeks after talking about it, we were on a plane flying with our 2 kids across the globe. Right after landing in Athens, we hopped in our rental car and drove 3.5 hrs straight up to Nea Kerasounda. The surprise went great and my FIL cried!! He never thought that we would EVER show up there and with our kids!! It was so awesome!
Now I will show you all the spots we went to. Here is the sunset from our hotel. Not too crowded the end of August which was great.

Just a random spot we stopped at for me to take a photo.

This was Lake Zero. We were eating at a restaurant when I took this photo. I wish we had a place in Virginia like this!This was a gas station! Olive trees are everywhere and so is other beautiful flowers.
This was Parga. Such a cute little town on the water.
Here we are on our way to the island of Lefkada. This island along with Parga had our favorite beaches.We stopped at a Monastery on Lefkada. Here we explored, prayed and bought blessed bracelets to take home. I just love the architecture of the buildings and the church.This is Milos Beach in Lefkada. We got here by taking a quick 10 min boat ride around from the other beach we were at. 

If you look below, you can see my husband and my son.

This was a beach that we stayed at called Agios Nikitas. Such a cute little town.After some time at the beaches with my husbands cousins, we then drove up to Ioannina which was his dads home town and where his brother lives. Back in Parga and above Valtos Beach was Anthousa Falls. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Before we left his cousins, we went to the town of Alta. I love all the castle ruins they have all over Greece and the churches.This trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go again this year!

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