March 18th, 2018

Engagement Session | All About It and How to Prepare

Capturing the Start of Your Journey Together

Delray engagement Photographer
Your first photoshoot as an engaged couple is an exciting time in life that truly brings out the fun, the giggles, the love and other personalities you have that will all be captured by my camera. Every romance has to begin somewhere, and your engagement session photos will show your family and friends the first chapter in your love story. Your engagement photo shoot will help me get to know you both and help you to get comfortable being photographed if you’ve never had professional photos done before.
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Picking the Location

The place where you first met; your favorite restaurant; the site of his bended-kneeproposal; the hiking trails where you walkedtogether, hand-in-hand – any of theselocations can make fun, informal, intimate engagement photos that help to tell the story of you. Don’t know where to do them? I provide a list of locations if you don’t know of one yourself that offers a wide variety of different themed location spots. We’ll figure out the best spot based on what represents you as a couple.

Great Falls engagement session, St. Lucia wedding photographer

You Will Do Great! I Promise!

You’ll never feel uncomfortable in front of the camera with me during your engagement session. Not only will I guide you into poses while making you feel like pros but making you laugh is my special talent! Ok, its not really a talent but its me being me. It loosens you up and brings out the fun in you that will show not just in photos, but within your mind creating lasting memories to remember through the years. I want to make a mark, to be remembered by my clients and I feel like that I done with sharing laughter.

If you haven’t looked at my engagement session gallery, then do it. It will give you some pose guidance. Need a lot of direction or a little? I’ll be there to help guide you wether you need it or not and make you walk away from the session wanting to repeat it all at home. You will kiss A LOT!! So bring extra lipstick and makeup wipes because trust me, your fiance’ doesn’t look good with red or bright pink lips!
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What to Wear

Don’t hold back from dressing up fancy because this only happens once so why not go all out! Long flowy dresses are my favs and dress your man up as if your going to a wedding, a ballroom event or just a fancy night out. Get your hair and makeup done to make you look flawless which this is a good time to do a trail and test out your HMUA and beauty up!

Everything Put into a Checklist

Sometimes people do better with checklists (I do!) so I’ve created one with step-by-step things to expect next so that you are prepared.
1. First we’ll talk and figure out the best location (D.C. is my fav) and book a date. Don’t worry date can be changed if the weather is bad or whatever else life throws at us!
2. Next, I will help you figure out what to wear. I will send you some dress website ideas if needed (I love!) but you will get working on finding your outfits and coordinating them. (This is stressful, but fun. I promise!)
3. Then you will send me your outfit choices and I will say either “yay” or “ney” to them. Make sure you pick out one dressy and one casual. You will be able to change during the session. Sky Meadows Park Engagement Session
4. Schedule your hair and makeup appointment. If you want a floral bouquet, book that too and watch me become all giddy inside knowing that your bringing one for your shoot.
5. I will confirm with you the day before to make sure weather is good and everyone is well and ready to go.
6. It’s time for photos! Yay! Plan to show up about 10 minutes early so we can chat and get walking to our first spot. Then I’ll shoot away (with my camera of course!)
7. Well the shoot is over, now what? I will go home in excitement because I’ve just had a blast with my favorite clients and now we are BFF’s! I’ll get working on the photos and then deliver them as soon as I am done! You get to download them right away but if you have minor touchups, I don’t mind mixing them.
So this shoot is simple. Nothing to it and it will be a fun, but could be exhausting. Now, its one thing checked off your list and you can begin to really focus on your wedding planning, yay!
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